Friday, September 4, 2009

Capturing the Beauty of the North

Fiery Dragon in the Clouds

Here in the north we have come to expect the unexpected. Hopefully when the unexpected does occur there is a camera near by. My daughter, Mariah, and I snapped a whole series of sunset photos the evening we took this one (not sure which one of us captured this photo). We thought it looked like a fiery dragon hovering over the lake.

No matter what the season, there is opportunity for photo taking. Sunsets, new fallen snow, delicate flowers bursting forth in brilliant colours, they are all calling for us to take notice and capture their beauty before the moment has past. There have been so many times the perfect photo opportunity has appeared before me and I didn't have my camera on hand.

I love my digital camera because I can snap as many photos as I like and can delete the ones that do not meet up to my standards. Slowly I have been learning the functions of all the buttons and dials of my camera. It can be quite intimidating, but I know that a good picture can be a great picture if the right settings were used in the first place.

Another way I have been trying to capture the beauty of the north is to paint. In this medium I am just a beginner and have a lot to learn. Art journaling is another way I have used to capture the north, not only by using pictures/sketches, but by including fanciful words to describe the feeling the moment evoked.

Moments only last for.....well, a moment. Go out and capture it so you can savour those moments again and again.

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